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Poems from the Tooth Fairy

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Waldorf Poems Changing of the Teeth


Magic & wonder ~ Reverence & meaning ~ Personally addressed
Poem from the Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy Poems

For the folks who want to mark these milestones with more than just an obligatory coin.
A poem addressed
right to your child from
the Tooth Fairy?
Yes, please!

Customizable Poems for Growing Up
A Celebration of Firsts

First day of kindergarten?
First plane ride?
First broken heart?
"Firsts" are a big deal and with them come countless emotions.
Pick a poem to honor what your child is going through.

Tooth Fairy Poems, Rites of Passage Poems
Coming of Age

It's a rite of passage that has largely been forgotten in the Western world,
but this milestone is
no small thing.
Let's celebrate & empower
our next generation
of leaders!

Milestones-poems for mothers
Motherhood Milestones

There are as many
paths to Motherhood
as there are mothers.
Let us help you
find the perfect words
to honor and embrace
the mothers in your life,
right where they're at.

Why Choose Milestones?

Here are just a few reasons for you to be able to sit back and watch the magic unfold...
We've done the
hard work

The LAST thing a parent needs is MORE STUFF TO DO! So we’ve made this as easy for you as possible. And the best part? YOU’RE the one who gets to have the warm fuzzies because of it!

Personalized poems from the Tooth Fairy
Parenting WIN!

Too many parenting moments feel like we’re getting our butts kicked. Repeatedly. But not here. Not now. With Milestone Poems you can feel like YOU’VE kicked PARENTING’S butt for once! High Fives!

Happy Childhood
Joy & Surprise
in their eyes

Imagine beginning your day with joyful squeals of awe and wonder from your child as they discover the special poem you’ve chosen just for them. There’s nothing like it! (I’m not crying, you’re crying.)

Waldorf School Fundraiser
Refer-a-Friend &
Earn Credits

Buddies & BFFs can mark milestones together with these personalized poems. Share the Milestone love with friends & family and earn free poems for the ones you love!

Cheap things for kids

Creating magical memories for our kids doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Small—and inexpensive—moments of wonder can leave a lasting impact. That’s what we’re here for.

Unique Fundraising Ideas
Affiliate Partnerships

Looking for a unique fundraising idea for your organization? Get in touch with us to explore the possibility of offering Milestone Poems to your community and keep a cut!


Poems from the Tooth Fairy, Miss Jamie's Farm


Love it!!! She wanted to bring it to school to show to her teachers. Thank youuuuu!

Jamie Martin

Mama & Children's Entertainer Extraordinaire "Miss Jamie"


Order a poem on its own. Or order a bundle and pick a poem as you need it. It's up to you!
A Single Poem



Memorable & Meaningful
  • First lost tooth?
  • First day of school?
  • First broken heart?
  • Mark a Milestone in your child's life with a heartfelt poem.
A Step Ahead


for 10

A Magical Thread
  • Teeth falling out left, right & center?
  • Want to save a few pennies?
  • Keep the wonder & magic flowing without breaking the bank.
Poems Aplenty



Enough Love to Go Around
  • Have more than one child?
  • Like to be prepared?
  • Want the most bang for your buck?
  • Enjoy unlimited access to Milestone Poems & customize as you need them.
Poems for Growing Up

about us.

We’re parents—just like you—who truly want to provide moments of magic & wonder for our children…without taking up ALL of our spare minutes OR breaking the bank doing it.

So we’ve done it for you.

With these poems, we’ve made it quick and simple for you to be the Super Star Parent that you wish you had the energy to be.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

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